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The Newspapers and the Television News report constantly the occurrence in far away places of catastrophes, wars, natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and landslides. These terrible events always happen not in our neighborhood, but elsewhere, until… one day disaster strikes at home, and we become news !! Then is when we wonder why there is not more solidarity, not more immediate help, why we are so much alone. Eventually some official and private help arrives, and it is like light in the darkness. No, we are not alone, there is concern for us..!!. Thank God for the goodness of so many loving hearts…!!

But as time passes by, the news fade, the flow of solidarity becomes almost a skimpy stream, a drop of water in a dry land, and finally is no more. Our needs, our helplessness, our ruin is great, but we are again alone to rebuild hearts and homes, while facing the hard reality, the devastating aftereffects of the catastrophe that strike home this time...!!

Well-willed, motivated and concerned people can play an important role in the meeting the many challenges that Femeraid international faces, by becoming involved in its development in any possible way.
Today the news reported a catastrophe in a far away land. The financial support of concerned citizens will help to maintain essential services for avoiding or mitigating the effects of that far away catastrophe, and perhaps one day may help to avoid or mitigate disaster in neighboring places or perhaps at home.

The strength of Femeraid international lies in a partnership of people working together, people who want to ensure that there will be always a helping hand in moments of distress… and after, when the news fades; or better yet, a helping mind to prevent or mitigate painful crisis.
Of course thousands of peoples have in their hearts the goodness of a natural impulse for helping the fellow human being. Unfortunately the percent of those courageous enough to follow through, decreases dramatically due to many factors, among which the chief reasons are the though, or it can be say misconception, that to do Charity, solidarity work or to extend a helping hand to those in need, it is necessary to spend substantial funds, and the lack of time. In fact many of us have in our desktop a little pile of old mail with relevant things to do "if I have enough money or time next month!!"

Enough money? It will never happen, no matter how much we earn it seems to find its way out of our pockets. However to extend a helping hand a big capital is not necessary, only the good will and as little contribution as one can afford today; lets consider, that a truck of bricks is mighty expensive, but that a single brick cost is less than one dollar; and lets not forget that many bricks build a building.
Time?: It really takes only a few minutes to write your name and address, and to choose a helping level within your possibilities "of today" to become a FEMERAID helping hand.

To make available for all the opportunity of contributing towards building and developing FEMERAID INTERNATIONAL, and to have the personal gratification of building a good deed of solidarity, there are several membership levels and a little thanks of exclusive membership benefits and privileges for all participants of this important work. Yearly contributions may be tax deductible to the extent permitted by Law.